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Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program


Life. It certainly has a way of making all kinds of twists and turns. Some appreciated, and some…well…not so much. Either way, all you can do is hang in there and ride it out. Of course the other choice is to meet it head on, fight the battles that come your way, and get the most out of every moment. I like to think I get the most of of every moment, but sometimes I know that I’m just hanging on and have my eyes clenched shut so that I can’t even see where I’m heading.

Today is a day for fresh starts, new beginnings and a new way of life. Had some pretty great news yesterday for my daughter, so life will kind of even out for us for a bit I think. That’s also fantastic news as far as my writing goes.

In the past, I would do the bulk of my writing when my daughter wasn’t home. I’d use that time for keeping up with my blog, as well as all the ones I love to read, for writing and for whatever else I needed to get done. A few months ago, I no longer had days during the week that she wasn’t home. She also had some things going on that I was concerned about, and even though I kept trying, I just didn’t have any energy for blogging or writing or for much of anything else. My daughter received yesterday, what she thought, was great news. She felt it life altering. She is probably right. We decided that this morning, when our eyes opened, we were new people. We (she) had been given the gift of a new start, a chance to let go of the anxiety that held her fast, and a chance to move on and to be the person she was meant to be. Nothing holding her back now. Time to get rid of all the negative voices in her head. I know it will take some time to do that, those voices are awfully pesky. Especially the evil ones. Why is always easier to believe the bad and not the good? Why is it easier to take what someone says about you that is negative and turn that into your reality vs what someone else says that is good about you? That’s a bit funny to me (and not in the ha ha way) but I know too many people that are ruled by the negative things that happen to them instead of the good. I know too many children (my daughter included) that only hears the bad, and it seems to shout louder than any good thing that is said to her. When I tell her she is a good person, and that she has so much to offer the world, that she is intelligent, creative, beautiful and funny — she doesn’t believe me!! That is sad. Sad that the negative comments of others can outweigh reality. BUT ANYWAY — no more of that. Hopefully time truly will heal her wounds and I will see the girl I know she is become more confident and emerge from the shadows where she often hides.

That also means there is a new “normal” around the house. We can now have routine and go about our daily lives. It means I have no excuse for not coming up with a schedule that allows me writing time as well as time to blog, and to read. It may be tricky at first, but we’ll get the hang of it.

So here’s to fresh starts, scheduled writing time, less stress, less worry and moving on. Here’s to getting a move on with the first draft of my new book, as well as being able to do more reading and maybe even some knitting. Here’s to hoping spring will be here soon. Here’s to watching my girl make progress and to maybe even getting around to some of the projects needing to be done around the house! I’m in a schedule making mood! 😉


Author: kristilazzari

I am a happily divorced mom and writer from rural Alabama. My daughter and I live off the beaten path with a spoiled rotten Flat Haired Retriever that believes herself to be a lap dog. Books are my passion, my day job keeps the lights on.

3 thoughts on “Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. All the best with it, Kristi. We’re all behind you.

  2. Here’s to new beginnings for you both !!! Let’s keep that pretty one,as well as yourself, smiling !!!

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