Who Am I? Why Do You Care?

I am a woman on a journey. Where I'll end up is yet to be discovered.

Meet Kristi

I began this blog when I first rekindled my desire to be a writer. Being a writer means many different things to different people, but to me, it means using my words to make a difference. Whether I’m writing fiction, blog posts, articles or handling a copywriting project, words have power and I am in awe of them. I love words. I love reading them, and I love stringing them together to create something meaningful.

I am told an author’s website (or blog) should be professional. I agree. I am told there are ways to connect with your readers and ways to lose them.  I am told there are ways to impress clients and ways to cause them to look elsewhere for services. I agree. Yet I do not know how to be anything but myself.

Who am I? I am a socially awkward introvert that finds it exceedingly difficult to have face to face or phone conversations with strangers. I can email, text, or talk via Twitter or Facebook just fine. No stress. I am pushing myself to overcome those things that have basically become disabilities, but it is a long and difficult process.

My portfolio is a work in progress but will be available for viewing soon.

I have independently published two books. Tomorrow’s Promise is a middle grade novella set in 1937 Alabama. Blessed Light, Cleansing Rain is a contemporary fiction novel about loss and healing, set in both Alabama and Costa Rica.

I have ADD and my daughter is ADHD and OCD. I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I blog about our life and experiences in a very personal way at my blog, ADHD Kristi & Co. located here. I also have the blog here, that is of a personal nature. It is the story of my journey through this part of my life. I am no one to give advice or to spout technical, although useful,  things for others to learn. I am simply me. I don’t know how to be anything else.

I am passionate about mental health awareness and removing the stigma so many face. I hope one day we can all see a world where invisible disabilities are recognized. I want to empower others, to make a difference, to touch lives and hearts. My main areas of interest are ADHD, Anxiety Disorders and Depression. I am very interested in alternative medicine and holistic methods. I believe traditional medicine has its place, but I also believe that we should use anything in our arsenal to help heal our bodies or manage symptoms.

While I continue to write fiction, I also am moving forward with a freelance copywriting career, as well as writing articles. For me, writing encompasses all of those things.  In the future I may separate them on this space, but for now, this is who I am, and this is the journey I am on, both professional and personal.

You can contact me at contactme@kristilazzari.com. I have a professional copywriting website under construction. You can also find me on Twitter @KristiLazzari and I have an author’s Facebook page, geared toward my fictional writing at facebook.com/kristilazzari.  I am also on Link’ed In.


What's on your mind? I welcome your thoughts!

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